Bluetooth speaker @Kickstarter: Astro pure audio

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As already anounced I want to show you the bluetooth speaker from Treelabs, the Astro pure audio.

At this time the project is running at Kickstarter and after a week now it is already 55% successfull.
Depending on the selling package the Astro costs every speaker from 119$ up to 219$. There is also a limited stock available with Astro speakers with tattos from ‚Tatto Temple‘! Unique designes bring the Astro to a must have for collectors!


Treelabs vision is it to achive a pure sound only with imroving hardware that sound like the engineers are listenig in comparison to the live feeling of listening. Of course a speaker of this size has to handle some limitations and especially if there is no software used to tune the sound. Normally most cheap speakers do not use complexe software but they also do not use optimized hardware and sound mostly uninteresting. In this case of the Astro speaker Treelabs has invested a lot of time to develop and improve all the hardware with a fairly good achievement.

Despite of Treelabs mentioning that BOSE Soundlink Mini is quite far away to be HiFi, the BOSE sound is really successfull and that is proofen by the success on the market.

Additional there are many audio purists with an audiphile attitude which will love the Astro pure audio. But a direct comparison between Astro and BOSE is a little bit complicated because both have a totally different soundtuning.

This is the response measurement of the Astro Pure Audio.


The Astro is not as bass heavy as other software or DSP tuned speaker and still sounds very good.  For me the strength of the Astro is playing singer/songwriter, classic and rock music and I will keep on listening with the Astro.

At low and even at high volumes the Astro is also playing without distortion and show the good performance of the amplifier. Without any possibility to change volume at the Astro it plays with only a little bit of background noise. Furthermore the speaker chassis have a special design, they contain conical designed calottes, surely the achievement from Treelabs to get the best sound for the heights.


The minimalistic design of the Astro pure audio is a kind of trademark without beeing boring.
The box-shaped housing has a rubber band around with a one-finger-handle.
With removing the rubber, what can be done very simple, the front speaker grill and the backcover are removable.
This is a big advantage compared to many other speaker. Think about using the Astro outdoors and dust or sand will come through the speaker grill. So the cleaning is very simple. I am not sure if this was a topic of the design process of Treelab but by the way it is a great feature.


The handling of the Astro pure audio is simple, too. As already mentioned the Astro has no volume control and so the one-button-handling works fine. With longpress the Astro turns on and off. While in bluetooth mode a single press stops and play music, that’s it. The minimalisitc concept of this speaker works great even in this point.

With 16 hours the Astro’s playtime is doubled of the playtime of many competitors. For charging the battery a proprietary powersupply is included in the package.


The Astro pure audio is the portable bluetooth speaker designed from and for real audio purists!



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