About me or the story till now…

I am Mark and my nickname is „MLSensai“ in my forum activities also as an Amazon reviewer.


Since I was a child I used listening to music, software programming with personal computers and playing around with with electronic. With age of 5 years my parents gave me a record player and I listened all the time audio dramas. A few years later I owned a prtable cassette player and after that my first real Walkman. This new possibility to carry my favorit music all around and listening to it was very fascinated. As a result I owned several smaller portable cassette players, portable CD player, Minidisc player and much later than MP3-player. Today nearly everybody owns a smartphone containing this great feature
to play music everywhere.

So far this development is not unusual and maybe you made the same experience.

But now I nearly do anything of my office business with my pocket calculater with telephone function. With the development of bluetooth today using wireless loudspeaker or headphones are usable with nearly all smartphones. Because of this I am concentrating on peripheral devices like that. As feeled there are infinite different products on the market with more or less good quality. Beside the very subjective taste of sound there are several objective points that are benchmarkable. On this site www.miniklangwunder.de I try to capture all sights and make them a little bit comparable. But what the best for you is, you vyou have to decide on your own. Sure, I will give you my honest opinion but I will everytime show you the positive aspects of a product.

I startet to review products as a hobby with maximum costs of 150€ because I have to finance all on my. According to this you will see that I often review not so popular brands sometimes coming from China. Not all are so bad.

I am concentrating to review in my native language German. So please don’t wonder that you only get the „about me“ section in english language.

Despite of this I hope you will have fun on miniklangwunder.de!